We were not the only visitors at Tallulah Gorge during the snow. Lots of people were there with cameras and there’s a good reason. The snow actually stuck to the rock walls and the gorge was beautiful. After photographing Toccoa Falls for many years, you learn pretty fast that some snows just don’t “stick.” But this one did.

In fact, it was a little bit like being in a winter wonderland. The snow was crunchy and perfect.

I’ve photographed the gorge a good bit. The light is always tricky because of the depth and the height. It is 1,000 feet to the bottom.

Still snowing in the photo and beautiful! It was at this point that I wondered, what does the snow look like near the bottom near the suspension bridge!

So, down we went —climbing down many, many steps, which were not slippery. But I did think: what goes down has to come back up!

The hike to the bridge did not disappoint! This was the only path open, but people kept passing us heading down to Hurricane Falls.

No explanation needed! I celebrate each day!

A view from the bridge looking out toward where Hurricane Falls is located.

Pat and Anne before we hiked back out. It’s not an easy thing to do. I’m so glad I have been walking miles each day and now added some weight training. It made the climb out much better and faster!

Leaving we noticed the fog and how it was dropping down into the gorge.