Joy and Denny, who are my Pennsylvania friends, are heading south but not until March. If they could, they would come tomorrow. But this is true of many, who live in the northeast. I heard a news report last week saying that people, who live in the northeast portion of the US, are fed up with all the snow and are booking flights south at a record rate. But with another round of snow heading into northeast Georgia this evening, I’m glad they are waiting. In a few more weeks, flowers will be in bloom, the dogwoods will be budding; and for the most part, our attention will be on spring time and packing away the wool.

The above photo was taken while I was in PA over Christmas break. It’s of the Market House, which is located in an old city market in Meadville (Western), PA. On the day I took this, we were headed to Niagara Falls, but I insisted on stopping here because I love the potato soup. But guess what: there was no potato soup on the menu. Rats! And double disappointment. I don’t think I’m over the hurt even now. The food is okay, the wait is always too long, and I would return only if I knew for certain that the loaded potato soup was on the daily menu.

What will Joy and Denny eat while they are in Georgia—everything from fresh mountain trout to crab stew! So, hang on guys. I have a list of great places to eat here and in coastal Georgia.