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Sapelo Light

I have visited Sapelo Island before. In fact the last time I was there, Yvonne Grover was my guide as she was again this time. Since my last visit, the lighthouse has been completely restored. Once hidden among island trees and under growth, it is now visible and very accessible. The ferry ride over takes [...]

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Deer Tracks

Last week, I came home from a trip only to discover that deer had descended on my pansies. A couple blooms survived the attack only because they were too small to be eaten. (Notice the perfectly chewed off stems in the photo above.) A day later, the two blooms opened and began to grow. Lorrine, [...]

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The End of The Pier

A favorite thing to do on St. Simons Island is to go to the village pier at sunset and watch the fishermen pull in Whiting and other fish. The guy on the right asked the fisherman, "What are you catching?" The answer was "Whiting," to which the guy asked again, "Okay. So,what are you catching?" [...]

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