I have visited Sapelo Island before. In fact the last time I was there, Yvonne Grover was my guide as she was again this time. Since my last visit, the lighthouse has been completely restored. Once hidden among island trees and under growth, it is now visible and very accessible. The ferry ride over takes about 30 minutes and is just plain fun! Every kind of Atlantic sea bird follows the boat diving into the water with the hopes of coming away with some coastal delicacy.

Good news: once you are on the island, you travel from location to location with a group of people, which is a good thing since the wildlife is quite visible. It is different than being on Cumberland Island where you get off a ferry and are free to wander around the island visiting the beach and the ruins of old houses. Sapelo remains residential in its own way. Families live and work there and are quick to welcome strangers. I always find being on the island is both fascinating and intriguing.

When you have a few extra minutes, please watch this video on this very special place: Sapelo Island.