St. Simons Island: years ago it was almost a second home to me while I was living in coastal Savannah. I always wanted to retire there or grow older there. I have no real reason for that only that I loved wearing cotton shorts, cotton sweaters, and I loved to listen to the coastal residents talk about the sea and growing up beside it.

St. Simons Light is almost too pristine now. We use to go gigging beneath it out in the summer waters. So much fun running through the waves with lanterns chasing small fish with our bare feet. We were as brown and tan as one could be after spending hours and days in the summer sun. I have chased shrimp in the coastal waters of Georgia and come away empty handed. There is an art to tossing out shrimp nets and I confess that I never learned it but I watched in amazement at those who watched for the rain like movement of shrimp through the water.

I took this photo early in the day with Driftwood Beach in the background.

Around this corner and a little beyond that is East Beach—my favorite. I would take my beach chair and ice chest and a good book and promptly go to sleep listening to the rigging hitting against the sailboat’s mask as the wind blew across the shoreline.

Anne commissioned me to take this photo. I’m kidding. She said, “Take my photo and I’ll use it as my profile photo on Facebook!” Mmmmm, let’s see if she does that.