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Snowy Scene

I wanted to leave you with something this morning—something quiet and peaceful. We're on our way further north today and will have more photos to post but this is one of my favorites—this one and the one I'll post later this evening.

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Icicle Morning

I recently learned why icicles form on buildings. Usually, it is a sign that there is not very much insulation in the building. I'm from the south and clueless about weather this cold. The church in the above photo located in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, had a wonderful display of icicles. But I concluded after taking [...]

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On Frozen Pond

This guy is so wonderful that I really don't want to add any description to this photo. He was just great—came over to me and posed perfectly. And this is really a part of the larger lake that is completely frozen. Thankfully, this section was open and where all the ducks, geese, and swans were [...]

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