Here’s a typical snapshot of the American falls at Niagara taken from the Canadian side. In this photo, Bridal Veil Falls is on the far right. The observation deck over it is blueish in color because it is covered with thick ice. Even though it was a raw day and ice was hitting us in the face, we had a great time. And there were lots of people at the falls with us. I had forgotten it gets dark up here around 4:30. So low light quickly became an issue. Still, I got a couple of good photos. I confess I didn’t take the larger camera with me on this trip. I used the Nikon D 40, which worked great—as usual. The American side was completely closed due to ice and snow. We were glad we went over the Peace Bridge. It was a easy crossing. Canadian officials were nice, but on the way back the American folks were tough, tough, tough.