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Sunset is one of my favorite times of the day, especially in western Pennsylvania. The farms light up with a strong candle’s glow! I don’t think this is an Amish farm, but it may be. It has a red silo but the house is white and I see electric poles. The Amish do not have electricity!

Now, this is an Amish farm located on Cotton Road. I have traveled this road many times but not with Denny and Joy. I finally figured out that Denny would take us to Mercer, which I think is the county seat. We go down this road because it is close to the B&B where we stay: The Cedar Farm Inn.

Not an Amish barn because it’s red, but it certainly caught my attention because it is so old. The sunset glow is wonderful, and I’m always amazed at these old brick silos. There are so few left that are actually used today. The top is gone on this one, so it is no longer being used to store grain.

Finally, here’s Cotton Road during the “blue hour” which runs through an Amish community. The blue hour is the hour immediately following the golden hour of sunset. Notice how worn this road is. It’s rutted from constant horse and buggy traffic. The people who live in this area are very nice. A group of women sitting on the front porch of a home began to wave when I passed by. A lot has changed in the community since I first traveled these roads with Joy in her convertible at sunset. So peaceful just to think back on that memory.