I posted these photos on Facebook but wanted to also put them on my website just to keep everything archived. I think this angle is one of my favorites of what I’m now calling Denny’s corner. We always ended up at this one place in the late evenings near sunset. This, of course, is a photo of one of the many Amish school houses in the area.

You can’t see him in this photo, but an Amish guy is just inside the open door on the right side of the smaller building (the restrooms). He was chatting away on a cell phone! The Amish are being pushed (literally) into another century simply because so many work for locals in this area. I noticed several places where telephones (pay) are located for them to use. They also are beginning to wear different color of clothing. So along with the Amish blues, blacks, there are some rust tones and greens along with other subtle colors.

The Amish are very smart. This time I actually talked with several women while buying some of their products and the conversation was pleasant and even turned to laughter. One asked me to sign her visitor’s book because she liked to see where everyone was from who dropped by her house. She sold fresh baked goods and her husband made hickory furniture.

And I absolutely love their rugs—the fluffy ones—not the flat ovals. The one I bought this time is full of color and so durable. I wish I had bought two more!

Even though I wanted to, I didn’t photograph the hand loom that was used to make it. I respect the fact that these people do not want us snapping photos of the way they work and live. So, I photograph from a distance. The above photo is of a pumpkin field and there were many of these, which tells me that their pumpkins travel near and far!

Finally, this is one of my favorite “late day” photos. It is not so typical of one of their farms, when it comes to animals. Usually they have cows, chickens and horses, but this family had a gaggle of ducks and hens! It was the funniest site; and yet, it was also very peaceful.

I know, from talking with my former Amish friends, that their believes center around an order of conduct. They have strict beliefs and rules to follow. They do not believe in physical violence and they do profess a Christian faith. For me, passing through this area, especially at this time in our nation’s history, there was a simple peace—if for no other reason than not seeing power lines strung everywhere! It was peace like a river! I’m never worried about unscrambling their faith or the differences between mine and theirs. I’m always just glad to step away from all the mania of our world for a short time.