Years ago, one of my favorite recording artists Margaret Becker wrote the song “Horses” that contains these words: “I want no regrets when the horses come for me.”  Such odd words but as a Christian, you understand what she is writing about. One day Jesus will come back riding a white horse as the King of kings and Lord of lords. . . . “I  need to remember You’re always with me. And I need to remember You’re the reason I breathe, my Lord.”

On this last trip to PA, I said goodbye to dear friends, who were a part of my earthly family, Joy and Denny. They had no regrets. They ran the “good race” and like perfectly trained athletes, they fought the good fight for Christ and now a crown of glory is theirs. My tears were for their eternal joy.

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I don’t know why I kept running up on fields of Amish horses, but I did—over and over again. It was as if the Amish farmers had turned them out to pasture so they could run to me. These photos were taken at sunset as I was trying to recreate somewhat of my own Denny Day Trip. And I finally  did find most of the places Denny and Joy would take me.

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So sweet and so quiet. “Last night I dreamed You with me. You put Your finger to my lips and You told me to be brave now . . . . I knew I’d be alright.”

“I need to remember the horses will come. I need to remember . . . the reason they run. I need to remember. . . .”