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If you are familiar with the Blue Ridge Parkway, you are usually familiar with Waterrock Knob. It is an easy day visit from Toccoa and you can even hike the trail to the top, which gets you up at way over 6,000 feet! That’s the goal, right.

From Waterrock Knob, you can go on to Browning Knob and further. This year’s goal is to go to Browning; and hopefully, we’ll get that opportunity before the summer is over. This has just been a really weird year! Lots of things holding us back but recently Pat and I did go to Waterrock and later the same day on to Black Balsam.

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The weather is always changing in this area. If you look closely, you will see a summer shower along the Blue Ridge while it was sunny where we were standing. I didn’t hike to the top on this trip because I was too interested in getting up to Black Balsam for my third year anniversary of being cancer free!

The trail is only 1.2 miles round-trip, but it is pretty much straight up and rocky. Got to love the North Carolina rocky paths—I do. The summit is 6,273 feet in elevation, and is the highest point on the parkway! More on Waterrock from my perspective! Here.

The highest point you can drive to on the parkway is not-too-far away Richland Balsam, elevation 6,047 feet. We’ll re-hike that trail on the next visit. You can reach it by driving approximately 20 miles north of Waterrock Knob. It is a quiet little trail in very dense woods that are unforgettable!

Here’s what we do: We watch the Sunset at Waterrock’s parking lot, and we are never alone. Families and friends gather and lots of photographers! So, grab your camera, camp chairs and relax! Enjoy the sunrise or sunset with stunning 360 views. Remember, Waterrock Knob is at high elevation, which means it is cool at night, so dress accordingly! I always carry with me a cotton sweater, lightweight jacket, and long hiking pants. Everyone (just about) brings dinner and cheers at the end of each sunset.

Directions: Waterrock Knob is located at Milepost 451.2 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I leave from Waynesville, NC. Go south on the Parkway for about 8 miles. Your GPS will take you there easily.