It rained all day last Saturday and we didn’t know if we could take the kayaks out or not. Plus, the forecast called for cooler temperatures. Stopping at Walker Creek we thought about braving the Tugaloo River but realized it would not work. The water was high and moving and none of us wanted to try to paddle back up stream to the cars once we had gone down the river. (We have done that one before!) Basically, if we had chosen to paddle away from Walker Creek, we would have been “up a creek without a paddle.” (Smile)

I’m glad I gave this sport a try! I constantly get to see our world from an up close and personal perspective. You experience nature differently at “water level” than you do in a large boat.

Dear Anne, . . . maybe we don’t have to put the boats up just yet.

Our favorite lake house! All of us paddle by it and wonder who lives in it now. It was once the Post Office for Lake Yonah. There are still two lights on the outside—one green and one red. Mail’s in and Mail’s not.

Fall colors are beginning to show up. So, goodbye to the rich greens of summer.

Lake Yonah. Beautiful! There was a time when this lake was only accessible by boat. When people first built homes here, they had to move materials out to their homesites by a small barge. Today, there is a narrow road that works its way through the woods along one side of the lake.

Beth smiles in the sunlight and . . .


then checks her phone for the photos she had just taken. Technology is present even in remote places like this.

We have always heard that kayaking works your core. Hummm. I wonder? What do you thing?!!

Pat: just paddling around.

Paddling toward the dam and the view of the valley below.

Once we pulled the boats out and looked back at the dock that so many summer boats use, it was hard to believe that winter is standing right before us. It will be a long four to five months before we return.