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Fall has arrived

I continued to celebrate my birthday this past weekend and enjoyed a fun ride up to Highlands, North Carolina, where the last of the summer flowers were still beautiful. Pat and Anne decide what dessert we'll have after dinner. I think our favorite place in Highlands has to be the Market. We run around the [...]

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Fading Summer Flowers

It's fall and Golden Rod has taken over our landscape and while I battle being allergic to it, I love to photograph it. Lots of Daisies still linger along the roadways in North Carolina. Perfect in purple. Here's what is left of our clover along with some Queen Anne's lace, which is folding up and [...]

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Dinner on the Lake

Pre-birthday dinner with Anne Shurley at Lake Burton. It is such a beautiful setting. I love the colors of this lake. I have photographed it in summer, fall, winter, and spring and it never disappoints me. Even in the dead of winter, there's color! We ate out on the upper covered deck. It will be [...]

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Dinner on the Square

Living in Marietta is fun. I love it. If I can't live in northeast Georgia full time, I'm glad I'm here. It has its own little culture and atmosphere and local craziness! Cocoa loves it, too, because she gets to go to the Square in the evenings and eat and meet lots of people. And [...]

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Drone Time

I met James and Bob (New Cool Media) last Thursday afternoon at a new job site in Acworth, and we instantly knew we only had a few minutes to get the drone footage we needed. I drove from Marietta and about 10 minutes into the drive, I noticed a very dark cloud hanging over Kennesaw [...]

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Marietta Madness

A friend asked me today what I do when I'm stressed? That's a fair question, especially since I'm in a city that has a stressful lifestyle. I actually thought about it for a moment and then replied: "I'm not an emotional eater. I don't really drink so that's not on my list, and I'm not [...]

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