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Going Back for More

I headed back to the old rock quarry again this past weekend. It is really a scary place, but I tried not to think about that as I walked through the canyon. Plus, I had people and dogs with me making plenty of noise just in case bears were hanging out some place in the [...]

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Summer Swim!

Oh, the dog days of summer! All a little guy needs is a shaded swimming hole and a chance to stretch out in a Stephens County stream. Awwwww! After coming out, Chip goes right back in to cool off even more. Then it is time to shake off as much water as possible! The life [...]

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Okay, so the world has really gone crazy. Lately when I'm in Toccoa, I find myself asking Anne if we can take her boat out on the lake. A group of us will gather up dinner in a picnic basket and head out in search of a small cove where we can stop and enjoy [...]

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Before I leave

When you live in northeast Georgia, there's always time for a quick paddle on Sunday afternoon. The Tugaloo River is perfect for this but only when there is not a dam release. The depth of the river is controlled by the Corp of Engineers and the amount of water that is released from the Yonah [...]

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Country to Table

We were in search of something we could bake or cook—farm to table stuff—and we found blackberries on the side of the road (and no chiggers)! Immediately, my mind turned to a hot blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top. Oh, my soul, doesn't that sound absolutely heavenly?! Then we drove a little further [...]

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