We were in search of something we could bake or cook—farm to table stuff—and we found blackberries on the side of the road (and no chiggers)! Immediately, my mind turned to a hot blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top. Oh, my soul, doesn’t that sound absolutely heavenly?!

Then we drove a little further and found a wonderful field of corn. Mmmmmm—farm to table except it was not mine to pick.

How many times have I seen movies where people take off running through corn fields? Or baseball players emerge from a field of corn to play on a perfect baseball field. You know the old cliche: “Build it and they will come.” Really?

There’s no way I would run off through a corn field like this! I would trip, fall, and hurt myself. Or I might come face-to-face with Shoeless Joe Jackson!! No way!

But I certainly was tempted to pick a few ears, which we didn’t do. (smile)