Cocoa had almost forgot what it felt like to have dinner on the Marietta Square.

When we arrived at Marietta Pizza, she looked a little afraid and cozied up under my chair. I felt badly for her, but finally I noticed a wave come over her face and then she smiled. It hit her that she had done this before and Marietta Pizza includes tasting pizza crust! Yummy!

She always has her “place” with her. She knows to go to it and lay down and look out at the view . . . that is until she notices something like the small bird at the top of this photo. I wasn’t quick enough to photograph all that came next; but let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty. Table, chairs and birds went flying!! She may be older but she hasn’t lost her prowess.

After chasing the little bird down and causing everyone on the sidewalk to gasp and to take deep breaths, it was time to drink water from a cup that our waiter immediately delivered to our table. Alas, I remember: Cocoa is still a bird dog! (Smile) BTW, the bird lived to see another day.