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Signs of Spring?

There are signs of spring at the cottage, but they are going to be short lived. While the Jasmine and the Rosemary are blooming, winter is closing in. It will be 25 degrees colder this coming weekend and sweater weather, at last! We'll battle through the cold for a couple of months and then by [...]

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Christmas Day at the Lake

Merry Christmas with a really sweet view and with sweet people. Grateful for warm moments with friends and family. Then there were the brussel sprouts, which we discovered was a beloved British dish or maybe not so beloved. Quite a spread Anne's house overlooks the lake. Holly overlooked my camera and turned her head fast! [...]

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Cow Time!

For those who follow me on Facebook, they know Cow Time is a fairly regular thing. My little dog Chipley loves cows and every week I try to take him on at least one Cow Time adventure. He's a real Cow Dog!! Well, Cow Time is coming early this week to Chippy!  

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Familiar Sites

We always seem to end up around the Sautee Nacoochee Valley. This mill race and dam were made famous in the movie I'll Climb The Highest Mountain. Pat is carrying freshly ground oats that will be cooked for breakfast. The people know us at the Old Sautee Store. It is crazy but the owner always [...]

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Beautiful Sunday in the Mountains

Christmas at the Old Sautee Store. They will have a fire in the fireplace tomorrow! Merry Christmas. Last Sunday it was warm enough to eat outside. Wow! Christmas is only a few days away. Later we headed up a short trail to the Soque River and where we could see beautiful Rainbow Trout. Pat took [...]

Home with PJ

PJ loves the cottage. That's all I can say. He is okay with the Marietta townhouse, but he loves the cottage; and most mornings, you can find him sleeping in different rooms. The sun porch is cold now, so he is in the bedrooms. Whenever I walk in on him, like I did last Saturday, [...]

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Dressed Up in Holiday Style

In holiday style and tradition, we drove to Greenville on Saturday for pizza at a favorite place and then a walk through the city. It was a magical atmosphere with twinkling lights, stores dressed up for Christmas, and even a warm sunset. Musicians were on the street playing Christmas songs and enjoying the warmer than [...]

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Oh, That Perfect Tree!

It has become a tradition: picking out Christmas trees the day after Thanksgiving. Anne found a perfect tree and I usually do, too, but this year I decide to get a different type of tree for Marietta. So Anne's tree was wrapped and load. It was 28 days until Christmas. Today, it is only 27 [...]

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