We always seem to end up around the Sautee Nacoochee Valley. This mill race and dam were made famous in the movie I’ll Climb The Highest Mountain.

Pat is carrying freshly ground oats that will be cooked for breakfast.

The people know us at the Old Sautee Store. It is crazy but the owner always expects me to look at his Woolrich flannel shirts for women. Anne is playing with the bubbles on the outside. We have not even thought about winter this year. In fact, we have considered a Christmas paddle in the kayaks on Christmas Day because we are hearing that temperatures are scheduled to be around 75!

Like we do in the spring; we are eating outside in the sunshine. I love all the glasses in this photo!

Sweetwater Coffee house was dressed up for Christmas. It’s a favorite.

And the trout were begging to be caught in the streams.

I thought this sign on the old mill was interesting. I guess years ago, if you were looking for a job at Nora Mills, you had to “go around back.”

Finally, here’s a place we stop often the Sautee Nacoochee First Presbyterian Church. It’s just too sweet to drive past without stopping.