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Oh, That Perfect Tree!

It has become a tradition: picking out Christmas trees the day after Thanksgiving. Anne found a perfect tree and I usually do, too, but this year I decide to get a different type of tree for Marietta. So Anne's tree was wrapped and load. It was 28 days until Christmas. Today, it is only 27 [...]

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Yikes and Double Yikes

After Chip's appointment at the UGA Vet School and receiving good news about his heart, we dropped by the Arches at UGA for a quick photo op. I was dressed in Tech colors but the dogs insisted on seeing where the Dawgs play football. So a few minutes later, there we were . . . [...]

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Saturday at Currahee

This past Saturday Kelly Vickers and I signed our Toccoa: Images of America book at Currahee Club's Holiday Market. It was a lot of fun because we got to talk with lots of Toccoa people and also had the opportunity to be with the women of the Martin Women's Club as they introduced their history [...]

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Touches of the past

This is not my briefcase, but I have one that is style something like it. I used it a lot when I was an editor for a magazine and writing books like crazy. Most of all, I used it before lap tops were totally in style and special bags were made for them. I never [...]

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Amazing Sun!

Yesterday at lunch I drove to the top of Kennesaw Mountain and an amazing thing happened: sun washed over the city of Atlanta in the distance and then blue sky broke through the grey threaten clouds above me. Wet leaves covered the mountain road that lead to the top and then a runner passed me. [...]

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Sweet PJ

PJ came into my life several years ago after my dog Buffy died. I had gone through a change in jobs and had a serious operation! Then my thyroid levels went through the roof, and I ended up in an emotional free fall. Knowing that I could not handle the responsibilities that come from owning [...]

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