This past Saturday Kelly Vickers and I signed our Toccoa: Images of America book at Currahee Club’s Holiday Market. It was a lot of fun because we got to talk with lots of Toccoa people and also had the opportunity to be with the women of the Martin Women’s Club as they introduced their history book. Church friend Martha Hunt is shown here with Kelly.

Anne and her good friend Lamar Hinson had a good time teasing me.

Pat (right) posed for a photo with more church friends: Betty and Jane Ann.

I think Lamar made the rounds! Here he is with Pat.

Kelly had lots of Indian artifacts from the area, which included pieces of pottery, arrowheads, and even a clay pipe.

Good friend Clarence Wulf was interested in Kelly’s arrows. I think they were so sharp that Kelly cut a finger on one.

Anne dropped by our booth at the end with these really cool art pieces by Autumn Strickland. She is amazing and I confess that I wish I had one of these!

Packing up until the Spring show. I hate packing things up. I just realized that I ended up packing up my kayak for the season without realizing I had put it away. I think we all thought we could get one more paddle in before the cold weather engulfed us. Too late! We wore winter coats this past weekend.

Homemade wooden bowls and I loved this one—heart shaped and walnut!

I should have bought this blank book. In fact maybe, I will hunt it down at the local bookstore this upcoming weekend. After this past year, I believe there is a good chance that I can do at least some hard things with God’s help!

Later, we showed up for dinner at the lake with Anne and Lamar, who has this nickname—LoLo!

One of my favorite spaces with favorite people. Dinner by candlelight—always.