This is not my briefcase, but I have one that is style something like it. I used it a lot when I was an editor for a magazine and writing books like crazy. Most of all, I used it before lap tops were totally in style and special bags were made for them.

I never used an Underwood typewriter, but when I was young I was mentored by people who once did.

And I never used a writing desk but I wish I had one that was in good shape. I can think of several friends who would love to have one, too.

My mother had gloves like these when she was young,

and my Dad had a basket of Boar’s hair shoes brushes! When I was very young, I loved to watch him polish his shoes and then put them away in his closet. He took great care in making sure everything was polished to a wonderful shine. I remember the first day that I had to help him put on his shoes. The very person, who had taught me to tie my shoe laces now needed my help to tie his.