PJ came into my life several years ago after my dog Buffy died. I had gone through a change in jobs and had a serious operation! Then my thyroid levels went through the roof, and I ended up in an emotional free fall. Knowing that I could not handle the responsibilities that come from owning a puppy, a friend gave me PJ. I had never been a “cat person,” but PJ was different.

He was an “owner turn-in” at the local animal shelter and I knew the moment I saw him he was going to be a special cat. But at the time, there was no way to know just how special. After coming home with me, I noticed he did not know how to play! He just laid around and looked at me, and I just laid around and looked at him. My vet confirmed what I suspected: he was depressed after some huge loss.

While I remain a person, who loves dogs, my heart had been stolen by PJ. We sat on the sofa together and watched TV. Slowly I began to teach him how to play by hiding my fingers under sofa pillows. At first, he watched me with curiosity but showed very little interested. It was weeks before he decided one evening to pounce on my fingers in his first display of “play.”

Today, he is just a sweet kitty. Loving and sleeping at the house in Toccoa when we are there. In time, I got another dog. Thank goodness PJ and I were both healed by the time Cocoa Joy hit the household because she has been a handful since day one. PJ, on the other hand, has been nothing but love and pure kindness.

Well, and sometime a lot of mischief!