Christmas at the Old Sautee Store. They will have a fire in the fireplace tomorrow! Merry Christmas.

Last Sunday it was warm enough to eat outside. Wow! Christmas is only a few days away.

Later we headed up a short trail to the Soque River and where we could see beautiful Rainbow Trout.

Pat took photos on her phone and posted them to FB immediately.

One of the more pristine rivers in Georgia. It contains both rainbow and native brown trout. To be this close to this river is a treat and a privilege because most of the land along the Soque River is privately owned. This section is owned by Abby and her husband John. We were not trespassers!

Beautiful and intense.

Anne and Beth walk the river with cameras.

We watched the trout and the trout watched us. Being this close to these amazing fish always brings a sense of quietness to my heart.