Living in Marietta is fun. I love it. If I can’t live in northeast Georgia full time, I’m glad I’m here. It has its own little culture and atmosphere and local craziness!

Cocoa loves it, too, because she gets to go to the Square in the evenings and eat and meet lots of people. And there’s nothing she likes better than a good old “meet-and-greet” party.

She particularly likes the waiters and waitresses because . . .

they bring her lots of dog treats and water. Dog treats like these can cause a puppy to go cross-eyed! Our waiter last Friday evening brought her four big dog treats! That’s a lot, but he said we were his last customers so he thought he would just have fun with the dogs.

Imagine that!! Cocoa is getting older, but she still looks like her daddy Sachel. He was such a neat dog and very much like Cocoa Joy.

My sweet dog,

who still loves me and also loves to beg!