I met James and Bob (New Cool Media) last Thursday afternoon at a new job site in Acworth, and we instantly knew we only had a few minutes to get the drone footage we needed. I drove from Marietta and about 10 minutes into the drive, I noticed a very dark cloud hanging over Kennesaw Mountain. Mmmmm, I thought. “I’ll out run it. This is just a ‘pop up shower.'” No way. It was hot on my trail and followed me to the place where I met up with the guys. When I arrived, both were looking over their shoulders as lightening flashed and thunder clapped.

After a quick glance into the sky, it was back to work getting ready to fly.

Then Peter our architect showed up and he thought the weather was really cool and he was in the middle of a high adventure! Yikes!

Life was so exciting that Peter pulled out his phone and started taking photos! Double yikes! “We needed coordinates,” he said!

When the drone went up, I realized  Peter had the best “seat in the house.'” He was under an umbrella with a video monitor.

Finally, we were air born!

And here was the view behind us! (smile) None of the footage was usable because of the dark skies and the lightening, but we still had plenty of fun.