It was a super honor be at the ground breaking ceremony for Friendship Baptist Church on Sunday. The architectural firm that I work with designed the new church that will be completed by spring 2017. Our architects are on the left—David and Carine. Fun! This is the oldest Black church in Atlanta. It began in a borrowed railroad boxcar over 100 years ago. Both Morris Brown College and Spelman began in the basement of Friendship Baptist. That’s pretty historic.

Before the ceremony began, I talked with our drone team about how they would shoot the site and then I took photos of things like shovels. Very important! 🙂

After everything was over, we talked to church members. Carine is from West Africa and the member she was talking with told her she had been to the Ivory Coast, where Carine grew up.

We met the church’s oldest member. This lady has been a member of the church for 70 years! She has seen four generations from her family attend this church.

I got to meet and talk with the Rev. “Andy” Young. He was nice and very gentle.

And finally, we have the official hard hat for the project. Carine said the fun part will come when the “steel” goes up on the church. Ha and I only thought I was having fun before now!