Here are more photos from Cochran’s Mill. I don’t remember this area being this nice or beautiful. It was dense with woods when I was young and not developed. I do remember driving along the dirt roads and never seeing a place to park or have a picnic. Now, there are both of these plus a nature center and walking trails. Cocoa and Chip loved it.

In her books, Jan Karon writes about “patches of God light. ” In my mind’s eye, this is what I imagine that to look like. . . . “Patches” of light on the road in front of us. Pure relaxation and rest!

In a small and distant way, this little stream reminds me of being in northeast Georgia. I keep hunting for something that is familiar and takes me back to the mountains. Though I don’t believe I will find it here.

I will have to discover new places and make new memories along the way. This was a pretty trail that was also very safe, clean, and well used. Cocoa gave it five paws!! The highest level a doggy adventure can receive.