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Chasing Memories

When I was in high school, a friend introduced me to Cochran's Mill located south of Atlanta near Fairburn. It was my first waterfall adventure, and I have been chasing them ever since. Last weekend I drove back to that area—a place where I had not been in years and years. I don't even know [...]

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From Clutter to Art!

I got the idea for the photo above, which was taken at my office, from the ones below that I took at the Dogwood Festival. I never want to stop learning and most of the time, we learn from others. This is a painting of a collection of record albums that I thought was pretty [...]

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Back to Work?

Cocoa got her stitches out yesterday and then I took her to see her trainer at Dog School 101. What a treat that was for her and for Sandy, who still remembers her as a "wild child" and the puppy that had to repeat kindergarten!! Today, she is  a Delta Society dog that can visit [...]

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Fun At The Festival

This was an adventure for me—one that I have not taken in years. After enduring a bomb threat on the expressway, we made it to the Dogwood Festival. Thankfully Beth’s friend agreed to let us park at her condo off Juniper Street, which meant we had an easy walk to the park. Saturday was just [...]

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Snakey, Snakey!

Just a baby snake . . . but still a reminder that no matter where you live, there is wildlife. When I moved back to the city, the first thing my neighbor told me is that "we" have rabbits, coyotes, fox, and last night I learned that deer have come down from the mountain near [...]

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A River of Green

There are a lot of reasons why Atlanta has pollen counts well over 8,000, and I don't think all of them are connected to the trees. There are grass pollens and lots of flowering things and the ever present pollution from the cars. Once a year, everything seems to come together to form this green [...]

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