This was an adventure for me—one that I have not taken in years. After enduring a bomb threat on the expressway, we made it to the Dogwood Festival. Thankfully Beth’s friend agreed to let us park at her condo off Juniper Street, which meant we had an easy walk to the park. Saturday was just a beautiful day in the city. It started out cool, but by late afternoon it was warm and wonderful. It was nothing but blue sky and sunshine. The bright light of these photos says it all.

Beth stopped to talk with this artist, who had gotten the idea for his paintings one night while sitting on his sofa. He looked over and saw his bookshelves and noticed how the arrangement looked like artwork. We noticed that several artists painted this same thing—shelves of old books or record albums. I think The colors and the light are what attracted me to this scene.

The colors and designs were brilliant! We found one booth that was filled with paperweights and other glass artwork. Pat thought this one was really nice. They really reminded me of the vintage paperweights that my grandmother had.

Of course, there were plenty of people in the park. Actually at times, it was difficult to walk. I think everyone was ready to be out and about. My photos just don’t show the extent of the crowd. And there were plenty of random things going on like this lady who decided to stop and play the guitar for this ice cream eating couple.

Part of the city is in the background of this photograph.

A guitar made out of a cigar box. People do the craziest things with these boxes. I stopped collecting them years ago . . . .

Finally, there were the Dogwoods. In years past, they had either faded or were not out yet. They were in full bloom this year!