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Opal’s Gift

I love this camellia (!) and I have been taking photos of it for years. It is located in my former neighbor's backyard. I keep asking her to root a clipping for me because I think it is so special. It's called Pearl Maxwell and and it grows best in places like Atlanta, which has [...]

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You have to love spring and you have to love the weather this weekend! I want to say this is a yellow bell. I hope that is right. Not sure about this one either, but I bet my dear friend Peggy Bass would have known. Spring is beautiful in Atlanta.  

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Birthday Cake!

Wow! Now that's a piece of birthday cake! Yesterday Pat and Sharon shared lunch and birthdays together at 211 Main Street Restaurant in Lavonia. They grew up in Japan together and renewed their friendship while living in Toccoa. What fun and how rare is that to know someone an entire lifetime! These MKs have managed [...]

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Just for Fun

Wow! These photos remind me of Sharon Morden and Pat McGarvey. They grew up in Japan together and because their birthdays are so close, they would (sometimes) celebrate together. That had to be fun. They reconnected three years ago and now the tradition continues. These photos were taken last week at Gibbs Gardens. It is [...]

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