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The Company of Friends

Donna and Anne are special friends and probably two reasons that I really don't want to sell the Toccoa Cottage. (Rebecca Anaya named it for me, and I think it will stick.) This is one of my favorite churches to photograph at Christmas. It is located in Clarkesville, Georgia, and I know I have posted [...]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas with my family minus my Dad, who passed away last December, but he was there with us in our hearts. Mom is doing so well and looks great. My brother Jay and his family were with us. Mom continues to be happy and loves having her photo taken with Jay and Tracy. Here [...]

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I Believe in Christmas!

Even thought these little guys looks worn, they all believe in Christmas! Each year, I have to take a photo of the Old Sautee Store's wreath. This year they placed them over the windows. Baskets of love and simple things that make Christmas much more warm and meaningful. And then there is always the fireplace [...]

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