Merry Christmas with my family minus my Dad, who passed away last December, but he was there with us in our hearts. Mom is doing so well and looks great. My brother Jay and his family were with us.

Mom continues to be happy and loves having her photo taken with Jay and Tracy.

Here we are with my beautiful niece, Abigail. Three generations of women in our family and we all share the same middle name.

My handsome nephew, Grant, is trying to decide where he will go to college UGA or Old Miss or Georgia Tech. The girls voted for GT but I don’t think that will work: he’s a die-hard Bulldog fan.


Abigail again.

Whatever Jay is trying to tell me, Grant is not “buying” it! Jay still has very blue eyes—just like he did when he was little running around driving his big sister crazy. I so enjoyed being with my family. Each year becomes more precious to us.