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Frothy Coffee

One of the things I always did for Cocoa on the weekends was make her decaf frothy coffee. Yesterday, since we were "ice-bound" for the day in Atlanta, I renewed the habit and created a wonderful cup of coffee using the decaf flavored coffee Anne gave me at Christmas with a little Verona (just a [...]

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Atlanta Living

I wanted to share my photos that I took yesterday while driving home that took over four hours. I was fortunate that this was a short commute compared to what others have experienced. This morning I'm watching the news and thousands are still stranded on expressways. This photo is of beautiful Kennesaw Mountain. Another photo [...]

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My Sweet PJ

The dogs get sooooo much attention all the time that I almost forget to post photos of this very sweet kitty—PJ. I'm not usually a "cat person," but he has certainly made me reconsider that thought.

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Tallulah Falls Lake

Okay, so I keep getting the name of this lake wrong. This is Tallulah Falls Lake, and it feeds the gorge with lots of water. The level is down right now because Georgia Power is working on the dam. I just think this is a really cool reflection and it only makes me yearn for [...]

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