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Frothy Coffee

One of the things I always did for Cocoa on the weekends was make her decaf frothy coffee. Yesterday, since we were "ice-bound" for the day in Atlanta, I renewed the habit and created a wonderful cup of coffee using the decaf flavored coffee Anne gave me at Christmas with a little Verona (just a [...]

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Atlanta Living

I wanted to share my photos that I took yesterday while driving home that took over four hours. I was fortunate that this was a short commute compared to what others have experienced. This morning I'm watching the news and thousands are still stranded on expressways. This photo is of beautiful Kennesaw Mountain. Another photo [...]

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My Sweet PJ

The dogs get sooooo much attention all the time that I almost forget to post photos of this very sweet kitty—PJ. I'm not usually a "cat person," but he has certainly made me reconsider that thought.

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