I wanted to share my photos that I took yesterday while driving home that took over four hours. I was fortunate that this was a short commute compared to what others have experienced. This morning I’m watching the news and thousands are still stranded on expressways. This photo is of beautiful Kennesaw Mountain.

Another photo of Kennesaw National Battlefield. I had to drive through it to get to a friend who was stranded. I have this wonderful 4 wheel drive 4 Runner. Thank you, Lord, for helping me make the decision to buy this SUV. And I’m also grateful that I learned how to drive it in snow about three years ago while living in Toccoa and experiencing repeated snowfalls.

People just didn’t know how or what to do. I looked behind me and one car “just” decided to turn around in the middle of the road. Not a very wise thing to do. But this city is not known for wisdom when it comes to driving.

And so many people would just hop out of their cars and do whatever never thinking that someone could be coming up the road on the other side. This city never fails to leave me speechless.

So this guy decided to just go down the middle of the road through everything. He did not make it very far.


Every road, every place you turned was bumper-to-bumper.

I was driving smaller roads through Kennesaw and at 2 pm people had already started to abandon cars. These cars (like the black truck) are not in traffic. The owner simply pulled off the side of the road and left it.

“Two roads diverge” in the middle of a white, icy storm!

Emergency vehicles were everywhere but few really got through the traffic.

The only thing that I dislike more than Atlanta traffic is Barrett Parkway and this is where I was headed in this photo.

My final shot as I neared the house but for most of the night, I had to listen to the sad sound of motorists trying to get up the hill behind my house. This morning I looked outside and in the distance, I could see cars that were abandoned and just left on the side of the road. I wonder where the people went because I live in an area that is not close to gas stations or stores. Grateful to be home. . . .