I do some really crazy things and I thought this was as good a time as any to post some of the last photos taken on Pelee Island this past summer. One of the last days that I was there was spent hiking out to a place that locals call glacier cuts. I just remember it being as wild a place as the entire island. It was not a disappointment.

Over (blank) years ago, a glacier cut through this area leaving deep cuts and pushing rock up and into the nearby woodland areas. I could walk or wade out for a good distance and still stand on rock that had been cut into grooves. The only thing that motivated me to turn and hurry back to the shoreline was the site of Lake Erie Water Snakes moving toward me.

Later, I was assured they would not bite me but they almost looked like a diamond back rattler and they were under many of the rocks.

And there are lots of rocks—everywhere.


And plenty of large driftwood. The moment you step out away from this area, you walk through miles of wild flowers that are breath taking.


Beautiful! I just had to do this in the middle of winter!