“Time to do the happy dance” is what my good friend Ann would say on Friday mornings. Yesterday, though it wasn’t Friday, was certainly an occasion for a “Happy Dance.” I took the dogs to the new Marietta Starbucks located right off the square!


There were smiles all the way around and plenty of anticipation. We were going through the drive thru! Good things always magically appear out of those windows.


And it did . . . in the form of a decaf vanilla latte. Cocoa has loved this drink since she was a puppy. Back then she always would “try” to get a taste of mine.

The guy at the window really looked stunned when I asked for an extra espresso cup for my dogs. The drink was decaf so I knew they could have a couple of licks without a problem. Other Baristas have actually given me “Puppy lattes,” which is just a cup of whipped cream! Not good!! I had to ditch those pretty quick. The drink we had yesterday was a “skinny”decaf latte and much better. In fact, it may be even nutritious!! (smile)

Chip didn’t buy into all the hype! He will eat almost everything but was not really tempted by this drink. Usually, his downfall in life has to do with discarded or  left-behind napkins, envelopes, and “all things” paper. Isn’t he a cute boy!?