Wow! The sun came out for about three hours on Sunday afternoon, and we headed to Red Top Mountain. It’s a favorite quick place to go. Plus, I remembered that some of the easier trails are paved. Altogether, there are about 15 miles of hiking trails and plenty of water. In fact, this was a picnic area a few weeks ago. But now, it could be a kayak landing.

Speaking of kayaks, I think I could easily take mine to this part of Lake Allatoona. It’s six feet above full pool! The Etowah River is the main contributory to the 12,000 acre lake. It also has over 270 miles of shoreline, which means there are plenty of coves like this one. Happily, I won’t have to paddle in the open water with all the Atlanta boat traffic!

Chip was amazed at the water. It was like watching high tide unfold on St. Simons Island during a full moon in the aftermath of a coastal storm. In other words, the water covered the boat landings and part of the parking lot. Yikes! Come to think of it: I haven’t used my 4 wheel drive since leaving northeast Georgia. . . . but at least I know I have it, if it is needed.