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Just Ducky

Last Friday afternoon, I gathered up Cocoa and Chip and headed to a duck pond that we visited when we lived in Atlanta three years ago. Amazingly, the ducks were still there and many new ones had been added to their numbers. I always thought these guys were pretty special. There were big ducks and [...]

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My Saturday: Bright and Sunny

I started my day off here at Mountain Biscuits near Kennesaw Mountain. But I'll need to go back because it was a quick, "drop in visit" and off I went to Toccoa, Where I had lunch with friends at BJ's—a local favorite. The owners chose not to cover up the original brick walls and they [...]

Oh, Mr. Frog!

Oh my goodness. We had not seen Mr. Frog in three years! We turned the bend, walked up the pathway and suddenly he was there! Right where we left him. And he was sooooo happy to see Cocoa Joy. He immediately started telling her about all he had been doing, and she listened and listened [...]

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The Tale of Two Towers

I visited the Clock Tower in Rome, Georgia, this past Saturday for the first time. As I looked at it, I  kept thinking of the Coit Tower in San Francisco. Both are located on hills but the view around them is quite different even though both of them were water towers at one point. The [...]

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Ready for Spring

I know we haven't really had winter. Okay . . . maybe winter has come in short visits, but I'm just ready for spring. I'm ready for longer days and walks with the dogs that stretch into carefree evenings along embracing wooded pathways. I'm ready for warm sunsets, green grass, and candlelight dinners on the [...]

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