Last Friday afternoon, I gathered up Cocoa and Chip and headed to a duck pond that we visited when we lived in Atlanta three years ago. Amazingly, the ducks were still there and many new ones had been added to their numbers.

I always thought these guys were pretty special. There were big ducks and little ducks and lots of baby ducks.

Ducks that had red heads. . . this one looked a little mean and that really freaked Chipley out!

And there were geese. The dogs loved them but all of us that geese are not too keen on being near dogs.

I did notice something really weird taking place. After a few minutes, all the ducks began to follow Chip around the edge of the pond! No matter were we walked, the ducks swam right along with us! Maybe Chip is a “duck whisperer” or a “geese charmer.” (smile)