I visited the Clock Tower in Rome, Georgia, this past Saturday for the first time. As I looked at it, I  kept thinking of the Coit Tower in San Francisco. Both are located on hills but the view around them is quite different even though both of them were water towers at one point. The Rome tower was built just after the Civil War in 1871 under the direction of James Noble Jr. It is patterned by one in Bowling Green, Kentucky. As a side note, John was the son of the man whose immense foundry had attracted General William Sherman during the  war.

My friend Beth told me that Sherman spared the city of Rome, but she said he was “all around” the area. I have read diaries of women, who lived during the war and there were always rumors about General Sherman. People lived in fear of this man and that he and his men were headed their way. The churches in Rome are beautiful, and I vowed to return and photograph them. In this photo, the Clock Tower is behind me. It basically overlooks the city and was originally a water tower for the city. Kinda cool. And the bench is really kind of cool, too. It reminds me of the ones in England . . . and we’ll save that for another post.