It’s pumpkin time and here is my favorite—Cinderella. This one, and the one below, was originally grown in France. I should have bought the one in the top of the photo because I thought is was pretty perfect. But Rebecca had given me another one that came straight from her garden. It is flesh colored and very dreamy. Speaking of dreams . . . .

the Fairytale pumpkins are really cool, too. These photos were take at Osage Farms located near Mountain City and Black Rock Mountain State Park on Highway 441 in northeast Georgia. This is a well-visited market and most of their fruits and vegetables are locally grown.

Here’s Rebecca’s pumpkin.  She wants me to cook it—turn it into a pie or a big bowl of pumpkin soup. But I think it looks yummy just the way it is in the middle of the dining room table.

Finally, here’s a really weird pumpkin.  Chipley thinks this one is pretty creepy and I agree. It’s called a Peanut pumpkin. (smile)