I have learned that every trail in North Carolina pretty much goes down hill unless you are down hill, and then it is all up hill. There is a huge difference in the trails in northeast Georgia and North Carolina. It is called strenuous! Trust me. My legs know the difference.

Cocoa is waiting for Chip to get his lead on. Basically, he was having a tough day. First he had to wear a restraint in the car so he would not climb into the front seat and second he had to put on his walking gear—something he hates.

A down hill portion of the trail to Glenn Falls. I think it was at this point that I said something like: “You know whatever goes down has to come up.”

We stopped at the first overlook where the stream rushes by as it heads to the top of the falls. Wonderful dogs!

Here we are at the top of the falls and in the distant we heard another dog barking for attention.

From the top of Glenn Falls you can see some of the mountains of North Carolina. The falls are located just outside Highlands. While I was writing this post, I read where two people have been seriously hurt at these falls because they were climbing around on the top and fell.

While we were there, at least four people by passed the railing, climbed out on the rocks, and went around a corner to get a better look at the upper section of the falls. I never get close to edges with Cocoa. There is always a chance she could spot a squirrel, a bear, a mountain lion, or a snake!

And as promised the wonderful climb back out. This is really a nice trail for a Sunday afternoon. I’ve had so much stress in my life over the last couple of weeks—my Dad has been very sick. This was the perfect trail for a quick “get away” to one of my favorite places—Highlands.