If you don’t have time to travel far (and I didn’t last Sunday), Black Mountain State Park always provides a great get-away. I talked with the ranger, and she told me that even though it looked like it was going to rain, I couldn’t be sure because rain often “skirts”around  the mountain.

I posted another photo that was sort of like this one of Cocoa and me the other day. But I thought this one was really cute. She has cupped her tongue in the one above and is not really wanting to be held. . . . After all there was a deck and a lake to explore. Who has time to pose for a camera!

I was concerned about the approaching storm clouds. The wind was blowing really hard but it was wonderful. This place always reminds me of Joey, who worked with me a couple of years ago. He loved to go hiking with friends and this mountain is where he ended up on a couple of occasions.

The sky grew darker and darker and the storm almost did what the ranger said it would do—travel around the mountain.

But a few minutes later, the rain found us as we walked around the lake, which is located at the base of the mountain.