I went on somewhat of a walking tour of Lake Hartwell last week and thought I would share it with you. The water level of lake is still low despite recent rains. It is funny how even at the lower water levels the area remains beautiful. This was taken at the Hwy 123 bridge. South Carolina is on the right side of the photo.

 This was taken at the edge of the lake bed. A couple of years ago, this area in front of the camera would have been under water but not today. The sunset light this evening was really entreating. I’m standing on the South Carolina side looking over to the Georgia side.

 It was getting dark quick in this photo and storm clouds had rolled in but here you can see just how low the lake level is. It is obvious that this dock has not been in the water for some time.

This is a sad area. I walked the pathway to where the shoreline would have been a few years ago. Today it is dumping ground from old tires and discarded beer bottles.

Then I stepped back on to the lake bed to take this picture. Normally this dead tree would be completely covered with water but today it is completely exposed on dry ground. It sort of reminds me of Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island.

Low light at this point but the sunset reflection was still evident. I’m looking at the Hwy 123 bridge toward South Carolina. Beyond this bridge is “Broken Bridges” (the old roadway), which crosses the river and the lake into South Carolina.

One good thing about low lake levels is the reemergence of the wild flowers. They immediately begin to grow again along . . .

with very colorful weeds. These were tall, and I walked quickly through them. We have had lots of snake sightings this summer and I’ve seen Black snakes at the lake before. Thankfully, Cocoa was not with me but she was in the car with Chip. I could hear her using her “how dare you leave me behind” bark.

Finally, we finished the tour with a double rainbow and a double promise from God of hope for the future.