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My Cocoa Smiles

Here's my beautiful Cocoa. Because I helped my parent move to their new home over the last two days, Cocoa and Chip have stayed at Bark Avenue. When she is away from me, I miss her sooooo much. It's always good to be at home with her again.

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Back Again

I continue to enjoy photographing Grace-Calvary Episcopal Church in Clarkesville. It is just a little church but because the congregation has retained and even enhanced its historical value, I'm drawn back to it over and over again.. This time I was able to show it to my photographer friend Beth, who thought it was totally [...]

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Dodging Traffic

The above photo is of Margaret Mitchell Square in downtown Atlanta. There once was a huge Coke A Cola sign at this location and also a wonderful candy store. Traffic was horrible in the city on Friday. I grew up here, and I have lived through all kinds of road expansions and nothing seems to [...]

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Lovin’ This Dog

  I took this photo with my iPhone over the weekend using Instagram and I had to find a way to post it. Don't you just love Cocoa's eyes. She had gotten down into the floorboard of the car and could not get out.

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