I continue to enjoy photographing Grace-Calvary Episcopal Church in Clarkesville. It is just a little church but because the congregation has retained and even enhanced its historical value, I’m drawn back to it over and over again.. This time I was able to show it to my photographer friend Beth, who thought it was totally sweet.

We had not used cameras together in a couple of years, but once we pulled them out we became “peas and carrots” again. We had a blast. Years ago, we went to England together. We even visited C. S. Lewis’s house The Kilns where we spent several hours. We had tea in the dining room where Lewis ate, we walked through the house, saw Joy’s room, the attic, and meandered over the property taking photographs. We even saw the pond where Lewis swam every morning.

This time I photographed the original windows of this old church. I told Beth I always have a hard time looking at glass and thinking about it being a liquid. But it is and this is why it sags with age.

I don’t know what to write about this. I keep trying to do something special with it because I know it has to be special on its own. It’s marble and probably very old. I’ll have to ask the Rector about it. For some reason I just keep taking “snap shots” of it.

And then there is this bench: it always quietly captures my attention.