Lake Hartwell is well on its way to becoming a dry lake bed with a river running through it. That is underscored in this photo. A gray Heron flies away as we drift along in our kayaks. The Corp of Engineers continue to release water “down stream” to the Savannah River. It’s sad that this is being done, especially this year because it is the lake’s 50th anniversary.

Just a small kayak but it’s fun! While it looks like there is lots of water, this is far from the truth. The grassy area behind me is usually covered with water. The lake level is down over nine feet.

An old railroad bridge spans the lake and it is rather awesome to row beneath it.

We even waved as a train passed by on its way to South Carolina.

Yikes! A self portrait with the little baby Canon camera. It’s not my Nikon, but I decided after last week’s tumble in the river, the larger camera would stay at home. Waterproof bags really work! But there could come a time when it falls into the “drink” and can’t be retrieved.

Exposed stumps really tell a story. You can follow them and see the original river shoreline. Funny how in the end all things go back to being wild and free. The mountains of north Georgia are in the background. Cherokee and Creek Indians once lived in this area, and I think this is why so many of us find this part of the lake amazing and inviting. According to local historian Kelly Vickers, there are places along the river where you can actually see where the Indians fished. I’ll find those the next time we head out.