The above photo is of Margaret Mitchell Square in downtown Atlanta. There once was a huge Coke A Cola sign at this location and also a wonderful candy store. Traffic was horrible in the city on Friday. I grew up here, and I have lived through all kinds of road expansions and nothing seems to help. It is, what it is. And until city leaders decide to get true rapid transit in place, people are going to sit in traffic.

Yesterday was a small but typical “perfect storm.” The Braves were in town and they were playing an evening game. It seemed like lots of people were heading to the ball park; and while I was sitting in traffic, I looked up and saw the electronic traffic sign announcing three lanes in front of me were closed due to an accident at Freedom Parkway. I felt sick inside because I knew at the creeping rate I was traveling, I would be in traffic another 45 minutes at least.

This is when I decided to exit off the “expressway” and head into the city with my camera and drive toward Peachtree Street and the I-85 connector. I’m glad I did, because I just relaxed and mentally “stepped away” from the week and also from the traffic. I even hopped out of the car a couple of times and took photos. This one was taken near Walton Street. Today it is a federal building but  years ago it was the city’s main old post office.

I quickly popped out of the car and took this one. I don’t care if the buildings are a little off. I was having fun and not thinking about anything else.

Finally, here’s the “The Temple.” It is the city’s main Jewish synagogue and was featured in the movie “Driving Miss Daisy.” I just opened the passenger’s window and held my camera up and took this photograph. Then I went down P’tree street and jumped back on the expressway and headed north to northeast Georgia. I had actually missed the stress that comes from sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic.