I’m looking up the Tugaloo River at this point not aware that a dam release is about to happen. You never really notice these. The water level just rises and the river becomes swift and a lot more fun. These little photos were taken with the P&S Canon. I miss having the Nikon with me, but it is just not wise. (Sad)

 Before the release, you can see the river bottom. We were in kayaks, and of course they sit lower on the water, which is not the best angle for photographs.

 Here’s two friends trying to paddle up river so we can “catch” some white water above the rocks.

Rocks! There were a couple of piles of these, and I think Kelly told me these were all that was left of an old bridge that crossed the river years ago. On his advice we paddled down the river and then came back up. Not going to comment on that bit of “advice” except to say it was next to impossible and all three of us plan to hurt him when we see him again! It’s not something I want to do again in the near future. Once the water release at the dam begins, paddling up stream is next to impossible. I bet there are jokes about people who try to “paddle” up stream!