While driving down a dirt road the other day, I caught sight of this old Ford truck. We had just come off the river, had kayaks on the top of our cars, and were heading home. But I couldn’t help but stop and pull out the camera.

Once I did, a couple of the guys who had been with our group stopped, too. “Would you look at that!” one exclaimed as he piled out of his old truck and closed the door. “I want one just like this one day.” I kept clicking away on the camera and thinking, “Why?” “Why would you want something like this? How would you ever get it to run?” But then I began to realize maybe that wasn’t the point.

We walked a little further and under an old grove of Pecan trees next to a family’s barn we saw another abandoned Ford. The sighs started all over again. “Oh man, would you look at that. . . . This one is really old!” That is when I knew for the first time that there must be something very romantic about old cars and years gone by.